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Nude French Press-on Nails

Nude French Press-on Nails

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Subtle, calm  and elegance. They have a nude transparent look. Good material suitable for everyday use.

1. 24 nails set 

2. Multiple sizes to fit different nail sizes

3. Length = Very long

4. Bendable material that’s meant to curve ei to you natural nail for a natural look.

Please note:

1. Nails that contain crystals, studs and diamanté though they may look really genuine are obviously so they will fade color it fall off with time/ repetitive water contact.

2. This launch collect is machine made and the nail sets are then broken into 24 singles, so they may sometimes be noticeable chirps where there were broken but this can be easily fixed by filing lightly for a few second

(A mini nail filer will included in your care package)


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